सैटेलाइट फ़ोन क्या होता है?

What is a satellite phone?

Information about satellite phones

Any phone requires a network to function properly. This network is reached in remote areas by installing tower. Towers work according to their capacity to provide network to the area around them, only after which a call can be made from one phone to another. If there is no network of any mobile company in your area, it means that that company has not installed its tower in your area. At the time of disaster, when all mobile networks are closed, communication with each other is done through satellite phones. On this page, information is being given about what is satellite phone and how it works.

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What is satellite?

Satellite is a device which is carried and released into the Earth’s orbit. Many solar panels are installed in this equipment, with the help of which electricity is generated. Satellite is called satellite in Hindi. It revolves around the Earth in its orbit. It consists of transmitter and receiver, which receive the signal and send it to another place. It is only through this process that two satellite phones can establish contact with each other.


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What is a satellite phone?

Satellite phone means that phone in which the network is provided through satellite, in this type of phone communication can be done only from one satellite phone to another satellite phone. When communicating with each other, the network signal first originates from one satellite phone and travels to the satellite, after which this signal is sent through the satellite to another phone.

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Benefits of satellite phone

Satellite phones are used by military units deployed on the border because it is impossible to set up towers in the middle of a war. In the context of war, communication depends only on satellite phones.

The flow of electricity is stopped in the disaster affected area, so that any major damage can be prevented. Due to lack of power supply the towers stop working. At such places, contact can be established using satellite phones and help can be sent to the required place.

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Here we have provided information about what is satellite phone and how it works, if you have any question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, So you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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