वायु गुणवत्ता सूचकांक (AQI) क्या होता है

What is   AQI ?

The problem of environmental pollution has become a new challenge not only for India but for the entire world . Faced with this problem, along with India, many other countries are also seen struggling to solve this problem. Let us talk about the Indian city of Delhi which is the capital of the country. Every year the pollution situation worsens rapidly in the months of October and November. In view of this problem of pollution, to measure it, the National Air Quality Index (AQI) was launched in India on September 17, 2014 in the country’s capital New Delhi under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The full name of AQI is Air Quality Index, which is named Air Quality Index in Hindi.

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in discussion?

According to the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the national capital Delhi, it seems to be moving towards the “poor” category, that is, it has reached a very bad condition. In view of this, the Central Pollution Control Board has decided to implement an emergency action plan to control pollution.

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What does Air Quality Index (AQI) tell? Know its main facts?

If AQI is between 0-50 then it is considered good, if 51-100 is considered “satisfactory”, if AQI 101-200 is “fair”, if AQI 201-300 is “poor”. ” would be the case, if even more so 301-400 would be considered “very bad” and if 401-500 would be considered “severe” very.

  • 0-50 = Good
  • 51-100 = Average(Satisfactory)
  • 101-200 = Slightly polluted
  • 201-300 = Poor
  • 301-400 = Very Poor
  • 401- 500 = Severe

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Causes of Air Pollution

  • reduced air flow
  • Excessive burning of gunpowder on the occasion of Diwali
  • burning of excess stubble by farmers
  • Smoke coming out of chimneys
  • Rapid increase in the number of vehicles
  • burning garbage or plastic
  • The smoke and chemicals emitted from factories in industrial areas pollute the air.
  • From gases and dust particles coming out of nuclear plants.
  • Smoke emanating from deforestation, burning of coal and oil refineries etc.

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Measures to control Air Pollution

  • Trees make the biggest contribution in reducing air pollution. Therefore , trees should be planted extensively on the banks of roads, canal tracks and railway lines and other vacant lands.
  • Green belts should be used near industrial areas in which such trees should be planted which have the ability to absorb the smoke of chimneys and the deadly gases released along with the smoke of industrial companies, such as Peepal and Banyan trees are considered suitable for this. .
  • Industrial factories and the government should make efforts to keep the amount of harmful gases spreading in the atmosphere as per the prescribed standards, for which air purification devices must be installed in all industrial companies.
  • The height of chimneys should be sufficient as per the standards so that there is minimum pollution in the surrounding area.
  • By installing catalytic converter in petrol cars, air pollution can be reduced to a great extent. And the use of petrol and diesel cars should be minimal, battery and CNG cars do not cause pollution. Use them as much as possible.
  • By reducing the use of fossil fuels ( petroleum , coal), which pollute the atmosphere, alternatives like solar energy, wind energy can be helpful in saving the environment.

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Despite knowing that our atmosphere affects our health the most, we have transformed various environmental systems to a miserable state, the indirect and fatal consequences of which are clearly visible to us. Not paying attention to the environment in such a bad situation will prove to be suicide in the future. Therefore, every possible effort will have to be made to prevent and improve environmental pollution.

Here we have provided information about what is Air Quality Index (AQI), if you have any question or idea related to it, then you can definitely share it through the comment box, we will help you. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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