करवा चौथ क्या होता है

Information about Karva Chauth 

Karva Chauth has special significance in Hindu religion. On the day of Karva Chauth, all married women observe Nirjala fast the whole day and pray for the long life of their husbands. This time this fast is falling on Thursday 17th October . For which all the women are eagerly waiting. You should also know, what is Karva Chauth, and why is it celebrated?

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Know the reason to celebrate Karva Chauth  (Celebrate Karva Chauth)

It is believed that the tradition of Karva Chauth has been going on since the time of the gods. According to the mythology, once a war started between the gods and the demons and the gods started losing in that war. The frightened gods went to Brahmadev and prayed to him for protection. Brahmadev said that, to avoid this crisis, the wives of all the gods should observe a fast for their husbands and wish for their victory with a true heart.

Brahmadev promised that by doing this the victory of the gods in this war would be certain. Everyone accepted this suggestion of Brahmadev. According to Brahmadev, on the Chaturthi day of Kartik month, the wives of all the gods observed a fast and prayed for the victory of their husbands. His prayer was accepted and the gods won the war. Hearing this promising news, all the god wives broke their fast and had food. At that time the moon had also appeared in the sky. It is believed that the tradition of fasting on Karva Chauth started from this day.


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When did this fast begin?

1. Before starting the Nirjala fast of Karva Chauth, there is a tradition of taking Sargi first thing in the morning. On the day of Karva Chauth, before the sun rises in the morning, the mother-in-law gives Sargi to her daughter-in-law, which includes clothes for the daughter-in-law, things for her well-being like bangles, bindi, vermilion etc., as well as things like Feniya, fruits, dry fruits, coconut etc. is.

2.After this, the daughter-in-law starts her fast with the Sargi given by her mother-in-law. If the mother-in-law is staying away from her daughters-in-law, then she can send money to the daughter-in-law, so that she can buy all the things for herself and perform the puja.


3. In the morning, before sunrise, prepare the Feniya given by your mother-in-law and first keep aside the portion of your ancestors, cow, dog and crow.

4.Then there is a custom of making separate arrangements for one’s husband and family members also. After that, the fast is started by eating fruits, dry fruits and coconut given by Feniya and mother-in-law.

 5.After this, the clothes and makeup items given by the mother-in-law are worn at the time of worship.

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Karva Chauth Vrat Story

According to mythological beliefs, a moneylender had seven sons and one daughter. Sethani along with her daughters-in-law and daughter had observed the fast of Karva Chauth. When the moneylender’s sons started having dinner at night, he asked his sister for food. To this the sister replied – “Brother! The moon has not yet risen, I will offer prayers and have food once it rises.” What did the brothers do after listening to their sister? They went out of the city and lit a fire, took a sieve and showed light through it and said to their sister – “Sister! The moon has come out. Offer Arghya and have food.”

Hearing this, she said to her sisters-in-law, “Come, you also offer prayers to the moon.” But she knew about this incident, she said – “Bai ji! The moon has not risen yet, your brothers are deceiving you and showing the light of fire through a sieve.” Even after listening to his sisters-in-law, he did not pay any attention and ate the food after offering the light to the light shown by his brothers. By breaking the fast in this way, Lord Ganesha became displeased with him. After this her husband became seriously ill and everything that was in the house was taken care of.

When he came to know about his sins, he repented and prayed to Lord Ganesha and started fasting on Chaturthi again as per the rituals. Respecting everyone as per devotion, he focused his mind only on receiving blessings from everyone. In this way, after seeing her devotion and devotion, Lord Ganesha became pleased with her and by donating the life of her husband, after healing him, he made him rich and wealthy. In this way, all the wishes of the women who leave aside hypocrisy and observe Chaturthi fast with devotion and devotion will be fulfilled.

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 It is necessary to have these things   in the puja plate while offering Arghya

 While offering Arghya to the Moon, a sieve, a flour lamp (a lamp made of desi ghee) and a flour lamp are kept in the puja plate of the worshiping women because flour is also a grain. Fruits, dry fruits, sweets (instead of sweets, they are kept at home. You can also keep the sweets prepared in the water) and two water pots – one to offer water to the moon and the other to give water to the husband, so that after drinking the water himself, water is given to the husband first—that is, we consider him as God and then first offer it to him and then eat it ourselves. After this, in the evening, the fast is broken by offering Arghya to the moon, then you meet all the elders of your house. Take the blessings of God and eat home cooked dishes with everyone.

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Here we told you about Karva Chauth, if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, we will listen to you. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

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