इलेक्ट्रिक चार्जिंग (EV) स्टेशन कैसे खोले?

Information about  Electric Charging Station (EV Station Dealership)

The whole world is suffering from the problem of environmental change, the main reason for this is pollution, every country has taken steps to stop pollution as per its law, but in the current situation the steps taken are not sufficient, due to this the entire The world including India is suffering. Facing rising temperatures, to control pollution in India , electric vehicles are being made mandatory from the year 2022, which will be fully effective by 2030. With so many electric vehicles, people will face the problem of charging them. In the future, electric charging (EV) stations will be seen at many places. You can earn good income by owning a dealership. On this page, you are being told about opening an electric charging (EV) station. 

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Just as today there are petrol pumps at various places, which provide diesel, petrol and CNG to the vehicles, similarly in the future, electric charging facility will be provided to electric vehicles to provide charging light in the form of fuel. These places will be called electric charging (EV) stations.

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The Government of India has not made any provision of a license to open an Electric Charging (EV) station, any person can apply for it, some standards have been fixed for an Electric Charging (EV) station, if you do not meet these If you meet the standards, then you can open it after taking permission from the state government.

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Distance to Electric Charging (  EV) Station

The central government had made a provision to open electric charging (EV) stations on both sides of the road at a distance of every 25 kilometers, which is now being increased to a distance of every 3 kilometers. Japanese firm Panasonic aims to establish one lakh charging stations across 25 Indian cities.


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Where will charging stations open in India  ?

Charging stations will be installed at parking stations, malls and petrol pumps in India. Whichever company will set up a charging station will also give a franchise for it. You can open a charging station in your area by taking a franchise from those companies.


So far, 15 states have announced their nodal agencies, based on this, more than 4,000 EV charging stations will be installed on the national highways within a year. If you want to take charging station franchise, the government has announced subsidy for it. An amount of Rs 1,050 crore has been earmarked for this. These charging stations will be installed in collaboration with NTPC and Power Grid.

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The conditions for opening the charging station have not been disclosed yet, but according to the information received from the media, it will cost approximately Rs 4 lakh.


In India, the state government gives approval to companies to open charging stations, every company provides franchise, you can apply by visiting the official website of the company whose franchise you want to take, after applying, the company The location and standards will be checked as per the rules, after which you will be given the franchise.

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Here we have provided information about Electric Charging (EV) station, if you have any question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then through the comment box. You can ask, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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