तीन तलाक कानून क्या है?

Information about Triple Talaq law

Triple talaq was a black spot in Indian Muslim civilization. Due to which the lives of millions of Muslim women are being played with. Due to the efforts of Muslim women and the will power of the Central Government, triple talaq has been considered illegal in India. The Supreme Court had declared it illegal some time ago and had directed the Central Government to make a law for it. Recently it has been passed by both the houses. On this page , information is being given about what is Triple Talaq law, provisions of the bill, vote in favor and against.

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What is Teen Talaq  ?

In Muslim culture, a man can announce the end of his marriage to his wife at any time by saying ‘talaq-talaq-talaq’ three times. After divorce, the husband of a Muslim woman can remarry and the woman can also remarry. In Muslim society, the right to divorce was given only to men. Due to which Muslim women always lived their lives with fear. Due to the right to divorce, Muslim women were harassed by Muslim men.


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What is Triple Talaq Law (What is Divorce Laws)  ?

To free the women of the Muslim community from the evil practice of Triple Talaq, the Government of India has considered it illegal, under which some rules have been made, these rules are called Triple Talaq Law.

Provisions of Triple Talaq Bill

The provisions of Triple Talaq Bill are as follows-

  • If an Indian Muslim husband gives triple talaq to his wife at one go through oral, written or any other means, then it is considered a crime.
  • In case of giving triple talaq, the wife herself or her close relative can file a case in the court for this.
  • Triple Talaq has been brought under the Women’s Rights Protection Act 2019. If there is a complaint, the police can arrest the husband accused of giving triple talaq warrant.
  • For giving triple talaq simultaneously, there was a provision of imprisonment for three years and fine for the husband. In this, bail can be given by the Magistrate Court.
  • The magistrate cannot grant bail to a husband who gives triple talaq without hearing the side of the victim woman.
  • On triple talaq, the cost of maintenance of wife and children will be determined by the magistrate, after which the husband will have to give that amount to his wife and children.
  • When the children were small, they were given the right to keep them with their mother.
  • The option of compromise on triple talaq has been kept, but this compromise can be done only with the consent of the wife, the magistrate will give his approval to this compromise with appropriate conditions. Women’s rights will be protected in this agreement.

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vote in favor and against

In the Lok Sabha, 303 votes were cast in favor of the Triple Talaq Bill and 82 votes were cast against it. After which, in the Rajya Sabha, 99 votes were cast in favor of this bill and 84 votes were cast against it. It will come into effect after the approval of the President.

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