वर्ल्ड ब्लड डोनर डे (World Blood Donor Day) कब मनाया जाता है

Information related to World Blood Donor Day 

The development of human body takes place through blood. It performs the important function of sending nutrients of the body from one place to another. Blood cannot be manufactured through scientific technology. It is produced only in the human body. In India and many parts of the world, many people die due to lack of blood. To solve this problem, blood of another person is transfused to another person. Blood can be obtained only through blood donation, hence World Blood Donation Day is celebrated to make people aware. On this page, when is World Blood Donor Day celebrated and the benefits of joining it are being told.

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When is World Blood Donor Day celebrated?

Breath is very important for humans and all living creatures on earth. This breath is available only as long as our heart continues to function smoothly. Blood is very important for the heart to function properly. It is through blood that the heart gets oxygen so that it functions properly. Blood cannot be produced outside the body. It can be given to another person only if one person donates it, thus saving the lives of the needy people.

Blood is most needed in case of accident or operation. The blood donated by you can give new life to such people. The entire world has recognized its importance together. Therefore, June 14 is celebrated as Blood Donation Day. This day works to spread awareness among the people. On this day, work is done to change the negative thinking of people regarding blood donation, so that people can get inspired to donate blood and help the needy people.


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weight loss aid

Body weight can be reduced by donating blood regularly. Through this the youth can be kept more fit. According to researchers, donating 450 milliliter blood reduces 650 calories in your body. It is necessary to consult a doctor before donating blood.

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Hemochromatosis can be prevented

Hemochromatosis is a condition in the body in which the body absorbs more iron than required, which causes hemochromatosis. Donating blood cannot cause hemochromatosis.

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Donating blood reduces the risk of liver and cancer

If there is excessive amount of iron in the body, the risk of cancer increases. By donating blood the amount of iron in the body is controlled. This also reduces liver related diseases.

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Here we have provided you information about when World Blood Donor Day is celebrated, the benefits of joining it, if any kind of question is coming in your mind related to this information, or related to this. If you want to get any other information, you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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