फॉर्म 16 क्या होता है?

Information about Form  16

If you work somewhere and your income exceeds the tax exemption limit, then your company or employer deducts tax from your income and deposits it with the government. This is called TDS. Details of this TDS are given in Form 16. The details are filed with the government in advance through Form 16. Form 16 is a type of certificate which is used in the form of tax deduction. Under Section 203 of the Income Tax Act, it is mandatory for every company or employer to issue Form 16 on TDS deduction, Form 16 is available on this page. Information is being given about.

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What is Form 16?

According to Income Tax Law, TDS is deducted on payments above Rs 30,000 during a financial year. TDS is also deducted on other items such as interest and house rent. The rate of its deduction is determined by the government. When TDS is deducted from salary, Form 16 is used. TDS is deducted only on the basis of information asked in this form. When TDS is deducted on any other income, Form 16A is used. Certificate of this form is issued every third month. Form 16 is issued by the company or employer. If your Form 16 is lost for some reason, you can ask for its copy from your employer.


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parts of

Form 16 has two parts-

  • Form 16A
  • Form 16B

Form 16 A

  • Name of employer
  • Registered office address of the employer
  • TAN and PAN of the employer
  • employee’s PAN
  • Certificate of TDS Deduction and Quarterly Deposit

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Form 16 B

  • Detailed information about employee’s salary
  • In this, information is given about all those allowances, in which tax exemption is provided under Section 10 deductions and tax calculations.

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Benefit from Form 16

  1. You get the most benefit from Form 16 when you file your income tax return. Almost all the information that you have to provide while filing the income tax return is already in Form 16.
  2. Form 16 acts as a certificate, which provides information that the employer has deducted your tax and deposited it with the Income Tax Department.

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