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How does UPS work?

Most of the people in India are familiar with computers, currently two types of computers are prevalent, one is desktop and the other is laptop . When we use a desktop, we need a UPS, this equipment is essential for the desktop, the main function of the UPS is to store electrical energy, it comes in handy when the light goes off, through UPS the computer A backup of 15 to 40 minutes can be given , if you do not know about UPS, then on this page you are being told about the full form of UPS and its functioning.

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UPS Full Form

The full form of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply , its meaning in Hindi is uninterrupted (without any problem) power supply. UPS can supply power for 15 to 40 minutes in case of sudden power failure.

How does UPS work? (Working Of UPS)

Main parts of UPS-

  • Rectifier
  • battery
  • inverter


It is installed inside the UPS, it is a type of circuit, whose main function is to convert the Alternative Current (AC) received from homes into Direct Current (DC), because the battery is charged by (DC) current only. is.

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The battery is also installed inside the UPS, it is the biggest and important part of the UPS, the rectifier converts the current from AC to DC and sends it to the battery, the battery saves that current with itself, the light goes on. After that only the battery current is used. The better the battery in the UPS, the more backup you will get.


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This is the third important part of the UPS, the inverter converts the stored electrical energy of the battery from DC to AC, after which this electricity is used to run the computer.

Benefits of UPS

  • UPS is used to control the instability caused by electricity in computers.
  • UPS does not allow the computer to shut down if the power suddenly goes off, thus preventing data loss.
  • UPS is the best emergency power source, with the help of which home appliances can be run with the help of UPS or inverter when the power is off.

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 Here we have provided you information about UPS, if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, We are waiting for your feedback. and suggestions.

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