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Information about Personal Data Protection Bill (Personal Data Protection Bill)

We often receive information about the theft of personal data on Facebook and WhatsApp . In this matter, the Union Cabinet approved the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 on 10 December. This bill will be presented in Parliament soon. The government had also sought advice from the people to prepare this bill. This bill has created a new law considering the data protection laws of other countries. In this bill, maximum attention has been given to the consent of the people in sharing the data. Strict rules have been made regarding this. The Supreme Court had given a decision in this regard in August 2017. According to this taking or sharing any kind of data without permission will be a legal offense. What is the Personal Data Protection Bill? We are telling you about this in detail on this page.



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What is personal data ?

Data Protection Bill According to the bill, data which identifies an individual. This includes people’s names, photos, addresses etc. Such as government identity card, voter card, Aadhar card, PAN card etc. Personal data also includes things like what movies people are watching, what they are buying, where they are going, who they like the most, etc. Some data in this bill is considered quite sensitive. This includes many things like religious beliefs, sexual orientation, financial transactions, biometrics and political opinions.


Personal data of any person can be collected at any time, whenever he is doing any work, that is, in that work, people have to share their personal data, such as – connection of a new phone, joining any government scheme, Online transactions, purchasing goods online etc.   When you share your personal information with a company or organization, that data can be used only for relevant purposes, and the data can be shared with someone else when necessary. According to the bill, a serving copy of personal data will be stored in the respective state, some important personal data will be stored in the country.

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Use of personal data

Personal data can be used in special circumstances. Such as in case of government national security, to prevent, investigate or prosecute a crime, for legal proceedings, for personal or domestic purposes. Along with this, it can also be used in the field of research and journalism.


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How it will be monitored

A national level Data Protection Authority (DPA) has been constituted to supervise and regulate data fiduciaries. This authority will regulate it. Will monitor any kind of tampering and misuse of data. People who tamper with personal data will be investigated and punished as per the rules. If any company or organization breaks the rules, it  will have to pay a fine to the Data Protection Authority. People who misuse personal data can also go to jail, under this there are provisions for punishment up to 5 years. The bill provides for a fine of up to Rs 15 crore or 4% of the company’s worldwide turnover for violation of data security norms. After the implementation of this bill, if any personal data is leaked or stolen, then the concerned company and the government will have to tell in clear words that your data has been tampered.

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After the Personal Data Protection Bill comes

After the introduction of the Personal Data Protection Bill, every organization or company will have to give information as to why and how they are collecting the data. Companies will have to keep the user’s data safe. The external company will have to build data center servers in India itself. In such a situation, surveillance of Indian citizens abroad will not be possible and domestic research in Artificial Intelligence will be encouraged. With the permission of the Central Government, some data can be transferred outside India.

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Here we told about the Personal Data Protection Bill. If you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions. |

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