जीवन बीमा मुआवजा न मिलने के कारण


Almost all people are registered in the insurance scheme for the future of themselves and their family.  There are many institutions in India which bring new insurance schemes in the market, people actively participate in them, so that in case of any accident, they can save themselves and their family from financial crisis. To avail the benefits of insurance, we should have proper knowledge about its terms and conditions, otherwise in case of an accident, we are deprived of the benefits of insurance . On this page, you are being given information about those important topics, due to which the insurance company can deny you the benefit of insurance.

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of the person taking the policy

If the policyholder is murdered and the nominee’s role is found in the investigation of the murder, then the insurance company will not pay the insurance amount to that nominee. If the policyholder is involved in any criminal activity and is murdered, then even at that time the insurance company will not pay you the insurance amount.



If the policyholder is driving under the influence of alcohol or has taken drugs, then the insurance company does not pay compensation in case of death. If a person drinks alcohol excessively, the insurance company does not sell him an insurance policy.

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If a person consumes cigarettes or beedis and has not informed about it in advance, the insurance company may refuse to accept the insurance claim. If the information is given, the insurance company charges higher premium from such persons.



If you are participating in adventure or dangerous activity and due to some reason you die in that adventure or dangerous activity, then the insurance company will not pay the insurance amount to your nominee. Car or bike racing, sky diving, para gliding etc. all fall in the life threatening category.

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If your health is already bad and you did not inform the insurance company about it while taking the policy, then the insurance company may refuse to give you compensation. STD and HIV/AIDS insurance is not covered in regular term plans.

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If the policyholder commits suicide in the first year of purchasing the policy, his claim may be rejected; many companies  provide insurance cover in case of suicide in the second year.


If the policy holder dies at the time of birth of the child, the nominee may not get compensation from the insurance cover. According to a normal term policy, if there is any complication in the birth of the child and the mother dies, then insurance cover is not given to her.

Therefore, while taking an insurance policy, it is always necessary to read its terms and conditions, if you do not understand anything in it, then you can contact the agent or company.

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Here we have provided information about the reasons for not getting insurance compensation in the member countries. If you have any question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then write in the comment box. You can ask through, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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