क्रिकेट अंपायर (Umpire) कैसे बने?

Information about  cricket umpire

Cricket is a very popular game in India , this game can be easily seen being played in the streets.People work hard for years to make a career in cricket , only after which they get selected in the Indian cricket team. In cricket, apart from the players, there is also an umpire, whose decision is universally accepted. The victory and defeat of the game is determined only by a decision of the cricket umpire. On this page, information is being given about how to become a cricket umpire, salary and qualifications.

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How to become a cricket umpire  ?

To become a professional cricket umpire, you should have complete knowledge about cricket. Only the people who have good knowledge about its rules are selected as cricket umpire. State Level Cricket Board organizes written examinationfor cricket umpire. If you perform well in the State Level Cricket Board written examination and have five years of experienceas a cricket umpire at Ranji level, then you can participate in the examination conducted by BCCI.


If you perform well in this also, then you are selected in the panel of BCCI and BCCI itself provides you training for the main examination. After this training, you are given the opportunity to umpire in the matches organized at the national level. If you perform well in this and the decisions taken by you are universally accepted, then you are provided the opportunity to umpire in international matches.

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To become a cricket umpire, it is mandatory for you to pass the minimum intermediate examination. Apart from this, you should have understanding of English but English is not made mandatory. Field experience is always useful in the field of umpiring, the more you have, the better, to become an umpire it is necessary to know 42 rules of cricket.


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BCCI has 105 reserve umpires in which the best 20 umpires are also kept in the category of “Top 20” umpires, these umpires are given Rs 40,000 per day. The top 20 umpires are given Rs 20,000 for a T20 match.

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Here we have provided information about becoming a cricket umpire, if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then through the comment box. You can ask, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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