निर्दलीय उम्मीदवार (Non-Party Candidate) क्या होता है?

Independent candidate ( Non-party candidate)

The Indian constitution has given the right to contest elections to all persons who fulfill the conditions of the Election Commission . In democracy, elections are contested by political parties. If a candidate is not given a ticket by the party, he can contest as an independent. The election symbol of the independent candidate is provided by the Election Commission. If the independent candidate has a good hold among the public, he wins the election. The independent candidatecan form his own political party . Information about independent candidates, nomination process and elections is being given on this page.

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 What is an independent candidate ?

When a candidate is not given a ticket by any party to contest the election, then that candidate can contest the election without any party, this is called an independent candidate. An independent candidate cannot use the election symbol of any political party. If he is liked by the public, then he wins the election. After winning the election, the independent candidate has all the rights which are given to the candidate of a political party.

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Information about the nomination process and election of independent candidates (Nomination Process)

  • The dates of voting are announced by the Election Commission, before which the nomination has to be filed. The period for filing nomination is seven days, after which the names can be withdrawn within two days.
  • In Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha, one proposer is required for the candidate of political party and 10 proposers are required for independent candidate.
  • The Election Commission can at its discretion end the election process in a minimum of 14 days. Campaigning is mandatorily stopped 48 hours before voting.

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Important Documents

You do not need any other document along with the nomination form , but it is mandatory for your name to be in the voter list. You must give a declaration of movable and immovable property along with the nomination form. The candidate should fill and submit the nomination form in two-three sets so that in case of any mistake, the nomination can be corrected.


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Bail Money

Lok Sabha : – Rs 25,000

Assembly :- Rs.10,0

Municipal Corporation: – Rs 500 to Rs 1000

Note: This amount is halved for reserved categories

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Here we have provided you information about independent candidates , if you have any question related to this information, then you can ask through the comment box.

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