CPCT Exam क्या है

What is CPCT?

CPCT was started by Madhya Pradesh Government in the year 2015, CPCT is a computer knowledge based examination , through CPCT, computer-proficient candidates in government departments are assessed and their competency is certified, this is issued by Madhya Pradesh Government. The basic objective of the examination is to educate students in the field of computer and information technology to apply in various departments of the state government. What is CPCT Exam is being explained in detail on this page.

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cpct exam

Through CPCT i.e. Computer Proficiency Certification Examination , the candidate gets the certificate of computer proficiency . Any Indian citizen can appear in this examination.

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Eligibility for CPCT Exam

It is mandatory for the candidate appearing in CPCT examination to have passed Higher Secondary examination, and the age of the candidate must be 18 years.

cpct exam syllabus  

CPCT exam is organized by Madhya Pradesh. Conducted by Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP-IT), a CPCT score card is provided to each candidate on the basis of merit in the examination, merit is determined on the basis of minimum cut-off. It is mandatory for the candidate to obtain minimum 50 percent marks in the examination.

CPCT exam is conducted mainly in two parts, in which the first paper is Computer/Mathematics/General Knowledge, in which 75 multiple choice questions are asked, and in the second part of the exam, there is Hindi and English typing test, both You get 15-15 minutes time for the test.


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Topics related to questions asked in the exam

2.Basic Computer Operations

3.General IT Skills

4.Reading wisely.

5.Mathematical and reasoning ability.

6.General Awareness

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Computer System Related Courses

computer software

Software categories like System Software, Application Software, Embedded Software, Proprietary Software, Open Source Software, Machine Language Language, Assembly Level Language, High Level Language, Interpreters, Computer Languages ​​like Compilers, Operating Systems like Windows and Linux etc. and Bit, Byte Concepts of memory units like megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte etc.

computer hardware

Computer hardware includes computers, printers, input and output devices and hardware components such as central processing unit (CPU) such as arithmetic logic unit, control unit, memory unit; Questions are asked related to Universal Serial Bus (USB), Crystal Display (LCD), Motherboard, Sound Card, Graphics Card, etc.

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input device

Input devices like keyboard, mouse, light pen, touch screen, graphics tablet, joystick, microphone, optical character reader, MICR, scanner, digital or web camera, card reader, barcode reader, biometric sensor etc.

output device

Monitor or visual display unit, printer (impact or non-impact), speaker, plotter; And secondary storage devices such as USB pen drive, floppy disk, compact disk, digital video disk (DVD), Blue Ray disk, solid state drive, etc.

Courses related to basic computer operations

System Administration

System administration and security concepts such as setting options and preferences in the operating system, encryption of data, keeping personal data private and secure, creating strong passwords, changing passwords, scanning the system for bugs, spyware or other malicious applications through virus scanners To investigate etc.

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file management functions

File management includes copying files to the memory disk, undoing mistakes, using the default Help module, connecting to the Internet and downloading and uploading files, setting up documents, and printing files; Identifying and selecting appropriate file formats and using them to transfer data, etc.

Important information related to CPCT exam

To appear in this examination, the candidate has to deposit Rs 660 as examination fee. After passing the examination, the validity of CPCT score card is valid for 2 years, which can be used in any government department / office in Madhya Pradesh. While applying, it can be taken for the prescribed period , this examination is conducted every two months, if the candidate fails in the examination once, then he can apply again only after 6 months, before appearing in the examination. There is no obligation of any kind.

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Here we told you about CPCT exam , if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, then you can ask through the comment box.

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