बीपीओ (BPO) और केपीओ (KPO) क्या है

BPO और KPO क्या हैं?

In India , a contract is entered into to expand one’s company through outsourcing. On the basis of this contract, BPO and KPO provide their services to the company. The company expands its business by taking advantage of this service. This is a third party, which provides assistance to the producing companies. What is BPO and KPO? We are giving you detailed information related to this on this page.

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 What is BPO?

The full form of BPO is (Business Process Outsourcing) , it is a specific contract made with a third party, on the basis of which the company uses the services provided by BPO as a cost-saving measure. BPO is provided with the work which is required by the company, but the company does not depend on BPO service to establish a branch in its market.


BPO क्या है?

KPO i.e. Knowledge Process Outsourcing deals with services focused on knowledge and information. It requires individuals to have higher education and includes various fields such as legal services, intellectual property and patent services, engineering, web development, CAD/CAM applications, and various types of research such as business, legal, medical research along with, also includes publications and market research.

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full form of bpo

The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing, in this a BPO company hires Indian youth to provide services to its foreign customers.


KPO full form

The full form of KPO is Knowledge process outsourcing , in which service is provided as an expert in any field.

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How to get job in BPO and KPO

To become a BPO and KPO professional, you have to decide which department you want to join, be it finance, accounting, electrical or designing etc. The minimum educational qualification is different for different jobs and it depends on the specific job.

 In this, you may have to talk to customers for hours and give a balanced and satisfactory answer to every customer’s question related to the company’s services. You should also have good knowledge of the language. You should have command of English, if you know English well, then you will soon achieve success in this field.

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To work in any BPO and KPO company, it is necessary for you to take training. BPO and KPO training classes are held in many cities of India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur etc. After training, you can apply for job in any BPO and KPO company.

major company

You can apply for jobs in Genpact, WNS Global, IBM Daksh, Aditya Birla Minex Worldwide, TCS BPO, Wipro BPO, First Source, Infosys BPO, HCL BPO and EXL Service Holding.


The pay scale is different according to the field of work, initially you will easily get a salary of Rs 9000 to Rs 12000.

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BPO and KPO participation at international level

Major companies of the world are moving towards the Asian market, the main reason for which is the low price of labor in Asia. It provides employment opportunity to the unemployed youth of India or other countries, in this way a youth is coming out of the rural area and strengthening his economic position through BPO and KPO.

Demand and supply in the field of BPO and KPO

The field of BPO and KPO is very vast, there is always a demand for good people in it, for example, US and UK companies hire data entry operators , shipment executives, web designers and graphic designers. Generally, related diploma and certificate courses are required for the post. Even if you do not have a degree in computer field, you can still easily get a job in BPO. In BPO, supply is as per the demand of the people.

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KPO requires highly educated persons, hence there is a shortage of persons in this field, hence the salary is good in this field. If you are an expert in any field, you can get a good salary in it.


  • Employment is easily available in this field, there are more options in this field, hence you get ample employment opportunities.
  • The economic condition of many countries in Asia has improved due to this region.
  • Due to this sector, the economic condition of the families living below the poverty line has improved over the years.

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  • There is a lot of work pressure in the field of BPO/KPO, hence due to lack of sleep people suffer from many types of diseases.
  • The duration of work in this field is long, the person is not getting salary as per the duration, the main reason for this is the indifference of the governments of that country.
  • People in this area feel exploited due to lack of money, due to which they are not satisfied with their work.
  • Till now no law has been made by the governments for BPO/KPO, due to which the companies harm the reputation and self-esteem of the employees, there is always a danger of losing their job, due to which their career remains unstable.

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