Atom Bomb (परमाणु बम) क्या है?

Information about Atom Bomb

On one hand, science has simplified human life and on the other hand, it has brought the entire human race to a bomb explosion, after this explosion, the existence of human race can end. The basis of any object is the atom. Atomic bomb works as a result of nuclear fission reaction, in which excessive heat is generated. Today, every country is busy collecting nuclear bombs and is manufacturing new destructive nuclear bombs . He wants to use it on the enemy country . On this page, information is being provided about what is Atom Bomb, how it works and chemical reactions.

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What is Atom Bomb?

To understand the atomic bomb, one must first understand the creation of the atom. An atom is formed by electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are connected to each other. These nuclear bonds remain connected to each other through energy. The charge of the proton is positive (+). The neutron was discovered by James Chadwick in 1931. The charge of the electron is 1.60217662 × 10-19 Coulomb negative (-).


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Nuclear  Force

Protons and neutrons are found in the center of the atom, which is called the nucleus and the electron keeps revolving in the orbit of the atom. Positive and negative charges repel each other and they try to move away from each other. Negative charges and positive charges attract each other and they both try to come closer to each other. Due to the negative charge, the electron attracts the proton towards itself, this force is called electrostatic force. The nucleus wants to bind the neutrons and protons, the force applied in this way is called nuclear force.

How is atomic bomb made?

To make an atomic bomb , a radioactive element is required, this element is uranium, at present uranium, thorium, plutonium elements are used. Uranium also has two types: U 235 and U 238. Here the mass of uranium is 235 and 238, their atomic number is 92.


Those atoms which have different masses and same atomic number are called isotopic atoms. U 235 is used in making most of the atomic bomb . To carry out nuclear fission reaction, neutrons are showered on it. These neutrons start breaking the atoms, thus releasing a large amount of energy and radioactive rays, which are very harmful for human life.

Types  of Atoms

Nature has created two types of atoms on Earth, which are called permanent atoms and temporary atoms.

Permanent Atom

In atoms in which the number of neutrons is equal to the number of protons, nuclear energy is found to be more than electrostatic energy, in which neutrons and protons remain bound together.

Temporary Atom

In those atoms in which the number of neutrons is more than the number of protons, more electrostatic energy is found, which works to break the atoms, these are called temporary atoms. When floating atoms break into two or more numbers, they produce a large amount of energy. This energy is used in the atomic bomb.

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Nuclear  fission

The process of breaking of atom into small pieces is called nuclear fission. In this process a large amount of energy is generated and radioactive rays are released. It is through these that the atomic bomb is made very destructive.

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Chemical  Reaction

Mass of 92U235 + 0n1) = 234.99 amu + 1.01 amu = 236.00 amu.

Mass of (56Ba144 + 36Kr89 + 3 0n1) = 143.87 amu + 88.90 amu + 3 x 1.01 amu = 235.80 amu

Hence, mass loss m = 236.00 – 235.80 = 0.20 amu

According to the mass energy equation given by Einstein, 1 amu mass is equal to 931 MeV energy. Therefore the mass loss energy is as follows-

           E = 0.20 amu x 931 MeV/amu =190 MeV

Therefore, we can say that the fission of a nucleus of Uranium U235 releases approximately 190 MeV (million electron-volt) energy.

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Here we have provided information about what is Atom Bomb and how it works and chemical reaction, if any kind of question is coming in your mind related to this information, or any other question related to it. If you want to get information, you can ask through the comment box, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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