स्टैच्यू ऑफ यूनिटी (Statue of Unity) क्या है

What is  Statue of Unity?

The world’s largest ‘Statue of Unity’ dedicated to India’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018 on his 143rd birth anniversary. Narendra Modi ji, while being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, laid its foundation stone on 31 October 2013. Rs 2,989 crore has been spent in the construction of ‘Statue of Unity’, its height is 182 meters. What is the Statue of Unity, its features are being told in detail on this page.

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Features of Statue of Unity

statue of unity

  • ‘Statue of Unity’ was built by Larsen & Toubro. The total weight of this statue is 1700 tonnes, a mixture made by mixing 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% lead and 5% zinc has been used in its construction.
  • Its architect is Ram Sutar ji, who has been honored with Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan by the Government of India , he has also been awarded the Tagore Cultural Award. The height of the ‘Statue of Unity’ is 597 feet i.e. 182 meters.

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  • Two passenger lifts have been installed to see the Statue of Unity, these lifts will take all the passengers to the chest of the statue. A gallery has been constructed there for the travelers to see. 200 spectators can visit this gallery simultaneously. From here tourists can easily see the Narmada River and the dam built on it. This dam is surrounded by Satpura hills on one side and Vindhyachal hills on the other side. While creating the face of the Statue of Unity, the sculptor studied around 2000 photographs of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.
  • This monument is located in the Narmada district near Bharuch, Gujarat, at a distance of 3.2 km from the Sardar Sarovar Dam, at a place called Sadhu Bet. Sadhu Bet is an island on the Narmada River.

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  • Special attention has been paid technically in the construction of this statue, it can withstand winds blowing at a speed of about 180 km per hour, in case of an earthquake it can easily withstand earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.5.
  • Gujarat government has constructed a 3.5 km long highway for the convenience of tourists, through this highway tourists can easily reach the Statue of Unity from Kevadiya town.

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  • Here the government is constructing a 320 meter long designer bridge, this bridge will connect Sadhu Island to the mainland.
  • The people of the country have donated about 135 metric tons of iron for the construction of the memorial. This place is best suited for photography
  • It took about 4 years to complete this monument, the help of Burj Khalifa Project Manager was taken in its construction.
  • The Gujarat government has constructed a three star hotel, museum and audio visual gallery near the Statue of Unity, the government has tried to promote tourism.

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Major monuments of the world and their heights

statue of unity1

1. Statue of Unity (India) 182 meters
2. Spring Temple Buddha (China) 153 meters
3. Yushiku Daibutshu (Japan) 120 meters
4. Statue of Liberty (America) 93 meters
5. The Motherland Calls (Russia) 85 meters
6. Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) 38 meters

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Here we told you about the Statue of Unity, if you have any kind of question in your mind related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box, we Waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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