OTP का फुल फॉर्म क्या है

Information related to OTP

At present, most of the work is done online, for which many processes are done. Similarly, when you open your account in any bank , some of your important documents are attached there and your mobile number is also attached there. After this, to keep your account details safe, a 4 or 6 character OTP is sent to the mobile number given by you , which means One Time Password. This is a password which can be used only once for any work. The password used once is called OTP. It is used only once (login, transaction, verification). So if you also want to know about OTP, then here you will get what is the full form of OTP, what is the use of OTP? Its detailed information is being provided.

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Full form of OTP

The full form of OTP is “One-time Password”, which in Hindi means that the password can be used only once and this OTP is used immediately after sending, which After it becomes invalid then this OTP cannot be used as a password for any other purpose. Apart from this , OTP is also known as (One Time Password) or One time Pin and Dynamic Password.

What is OTP used for?

OTP is simply a 4 or 6 digit code, which can be used only once as a password for anything. This is a code whose information cannot be obtained by anyone, it is a code to keep any information safe. Therefore, at present OTP is being used everywhere in digital areas. OTP is used wherever digital money transactions and security related work is done , along with this it is also used in Banking, Social Media Security, Online Business Security, Google Two Factor Security, Internet Banking Security, etc. OTP is used.


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Apart from this, at present it is very important for all people to have Aadhar Card , hence now when a person goes to get Aadhar Card made , a 4 or 6 digit OTP number is sent to the number given by him, which is It is used in Aadhar card. Along with this, if you make any changes in your Aadhar card or send money through internet, then verification is done to complete all these tasks, for which an OTP code is sent to your registered mobile number, after which The same OTP code is filled in the website or app , because it is a code through which it is known whether you have done this work or it is being done by you. OTP information should not be shared with anyone before it is used.

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