Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card – Learn How to Apply Today

Having a credit card is essential, not just handy. This guide will help you apply for the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card, a trusted financial instrument that boosts your buying power and flexibility.

By knowing the application process and its advantages, you can choose wisely for your financial needs. 

Let’s get into Mitsubishi UFJ’s realm and see how you can apply for their prestigious credit card.


Reasons to Think About Getting the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card

If you’re thinking of applying for a Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos Viaso card, then it might be a good idea.

Here’s why you should think about the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card:

  1. Keep more money in your pocket with low-interest rates for buying things and moving balances. It’s a smart choice for reducing your costs.
  2. Get rewards that suit your needs. Every time you buy something, you earn points. Use them for trips, products, and more. It’s like getting a bonus for shopping.
  3. Easily manage your account with their straightforward online system. You can check your balance, pay bills, and change settings effortlessly.
  4. Stay protected with extra features like travel insurance and purchase protection. It’s the added security you need.
  5. Enjoy special deals and promotions, making your experience with the card even better.

Requirements, Eligibility, and The Application

Starting your application for the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Starting your application for the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card is easy. Here’s a guide:

  1. Access the Application: Go to the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card website to get the application form.
  2. Fill in Your Details: Fill out the form with your personal, income, and employment details.
  3. Submit Your Application: You can apply online or visit a Mitsubishi UFJ branch to apply in person.
  4. Await Approval: The approval process might take a few days. Once approved, your card will be sent to you by mail.

Necessary Documents for Application

To get the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card, you need to submit:

  • Identity Verification: A valid ID issued by the government, like a passport or driver’s license.
  • Income Verification: Recent pay slips, bank statements, or tax documents to confirm your earnings.
  • Address Verification: A bill for utilities, a rental contract, or bank statement with your current address.
  • Extra Documents: Based on your job situation, you might need an employment letter or business registration.

How to Be Eligible

To get the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card, you need to meet these rules:

  • You should be 18 years or older.
  • Your yearly income should meet the card’s minimum limit.
  • A good credit record is usually needed. However, if you have little or no credit history, you might still qualify.
  • The issuer might ask for other things like where you live or work.

Card Fees and Interest Rates

To get started on applying for the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIOSO Card, it’s important to know about its fees. 

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Annual Fee: Depending on the card type, the annual fee may range from $0 to over $100.
  • Interest Rates: Expect interest rates for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers to be between 15% and 25% APR.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: Using your card for transactions in foreign currencies or outside your country typically comes with a 3% to 5% fee.
  • Late Payment Fee: If you miss the minimum payment due date, you might be charged between $25 and $40.
  • Additional Fees: Be aware of other possible fees like over-limit or returned payment charges, depending on your card usage.

Being aware of these fees helps you use your card more efficiently and avoid unexpected costs.

Key Points to Note

Get ready to enjoy the exclusive benefits of the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card! 

Check out the details below to take full advantage of your card membership, from special perks to cashback offers.

Special Offer Details:

  • Unique Opportunity: Get access to this offer only here.
  • Who Can Use: If you have a VIASO card, even the ones with characters on it, you’re in.
  • First Perk: Activate your online service ID and spend at least 150,000 yen in the first 90 days? You’re in.
  • Second Perk: Hit the first perk and sign up for Raku Pay in the same timeframe? Also in.
  • Current Info: This is what’s happening as of March 2021. Things might shift or stop, and we might not tell you beforehand.

How They Count Your Spending:

  • When They Look: We check your spending based on the transaction date, counting only the ones we know about then.
  • Heads Up: The date you ordered and the date it counts might not match. If the transaction date is out of range, it’s out of the count.
  • Family Counts Too: Bought something using a family member’s card? It goes on your tab.
  • What’s Out: Charges for getting the card, magazine subs, quick cash, and paying overtime don’t count.
  • Adjusting the Score: We subtract returns, cancellations, VAT back, and any promo cashback from your total.

Getting Your Cashback:

  • When You Get It: Six months post-joining, we put the cashback in your bank.
  • For Instance: Join in July 2020? Expect your cashback by the end of January 2021.
  • Just So You Know: Sometimes, paperwork bogs us down.
  • Who Gets It: No bank details, or they’re off by cashback time? No cash back.
  • Keep It Going: Drop the web service or “Raku Pay” before the time’s up, and you’re out of the running.
  • Stay With Us: Cancel your VIASO card, freeze it, or leave us by cashback time? No cash back.
  • Fine Print: Legal stuff or other offers might mean you can’t double-dip on perks.

Follow These Tips for Better Application

Here’s how to boost your chances of getting the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card:

  1. Check your credit score before you apply.
  2. Make sure your income meets the card’s requirements.
  3. Gather all the important documents beforehand.
  4. Double-check your application to fix any errors.
  5. Choose online or in-person submission for quicker processing.

Customer Support

Need help or have questions about your Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card? Reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

Membership Questions

  • Get in touch: MUFG Card Membership Dial
  • No charge: 0120-151117
  • When to call: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • When they’re there: Every day, except during the year-end and New Year breaks.


The Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable and convenient payment method.

Understanding its features, benefits, and application process can help you make the most of its offerings.

If you’re interested in enjoying the perks of this card, apply now!

Important Note

This article is for informational use only and should not be considered as financial advice.

It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions before applying for any credit card.

Also, the issuer has the authority to change the terms and features of the Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos VIASO Card at any time without prior notice.