The Best Services for Customized Vitamins


Vitamins are the major nutrients that the body needs to thrive well.  Vitamins help in boosting immunity, increasing mood, reduce stress and anxiety, help in bone development, maintain muscle strength, and heal wounds. 

Most vitamins are gotten from eating a balanced diet. However, you might not get all of them hence different manufacturers are making various multi vitamins to supplement on your food. This explains the fully packed multi vitamin sections in stores.

You might need to buy different types of vitamin supplements to meet your vitamin needs. Buying each pack is costly.  Instead you can buy customized packs that give you exactly the vitamins that you need without excess. Learn more about vitamin customized packs below.

The Best Services for Customized Vitamins
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Best Overall by Persona

This persona multivitamin pack is designed to meet each customer’s vitamin needs via a well detailed questionnaire. This pack is a mixture of various vitamins to meet your needs based on current research and lifestyle

They will know this as you answer their detailed questionnaire. You start by taking an assessment from which the doctor recommends the best pack for you and it will be delivered to you.

Persona also has an app you can use to control your online program. Also, Persona’s ever-present nutritionist or doctor will always answer your questions. Purchase Best overall vitamin pack at Persona’s website and get a 40% discount.

Best Turnaround Time by Care/Of

Care/of vitamins and supplements come in a monthly subscription pack that contains 2 to 14 different ingredients. These ingredients are loaded with key vitamins, probiotics, minerals, herbs, collagen and specialty supplements that support all major health areas

Begin with taking a quiz so they know why you need the pack. After the quiz, Care/of professionals will help you formulate a health plan with vitamins and supplements, help you feel confident and at your best as well as support your long-term.

Once your plan is established, you can use the care/of app to track your supplements and learn their mode of work with time. Also, as you keep taking the pack ingredients, your health will change and hence need to get new recommendations. 

Best Vegan Options by Rootine

Rootine’s vitamin packs consider your DNA, lifestyle habits and blood levels to make sure you get only the vitamins you need. Get Rootine’s Best Vegan Options and get peak performance and optimal health using a personalized supplement tailored 100% for you. 

This pack has accurate and effective doses, based on your biometric data and contains vital minerals and nutrients. You need to do biometric testing to determine the doses and nutrients that your body needs. 

Rootine offers 50+ common genetic variations and will be given depending on how your body absorbs, metabolizes and excretes key nutrients. 

Genetics is a major reason why people are not getting the right vital nutrients and doses from mass market supplements. Avoid this by buying yourself a Rootine vitamin pack at Rootine’s official website at a discount.

Best Variety of Supplements by Hundred

Each Hundred vitamin pack contains a combination of ingredients like vitamins, herbs, minerals and other supplements that target 15 key health areas.  

Begin by taking a 5-minute quiz by the nutritionist who then helps you formulate your personalized vitamin pack tailored just for you and get it delivered to you. 

Hundred understand that most health issues are linked to our lifestyle and behaviors. Hence their vitamin supplements plan is based on four wellness pillars; nutrition, stress balance, sleep and movement

Therefore your hundred’s vitamin plan is integrates your health goals. Purchase your vitamin pack here at 15% discount on your first order.

The Best Services for Customized Vitamins
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Bottom Line

Buying individual vitamin supplements is like cheating yourself. Depending on your body needs, you might have to buy a number of tins of vitamins which sometimes might give you excess. These vitamins are made generally for whoever needs them as opposed to being tailored to personal vitamin needs like vitamin packs do.