Job Openings at McDonald’s: Learn How to Apply Online

McDonald’s is the best place to work if you are looking to earn extra income. Many people think that working at McDonald’s is going to be a dead-end job with no future. On the contrary, there are many career opportunities and growth waiting for you in this world-renowned fast food company.

McDonald’s has been in business for decades and continues to provide stable jobs to millions of people worldwide. The company takes good care of its employees through competitive salaries and amazing benefits.

If you’re looking to find new McDonald’s jobs, check out how to apply for job openings at McDonald’s online.


McDonald’s Online Application Process

There are a lot of ways for you to apply for job openings at McDonald’s but the online application process makes it much easier and convenient for anyone to apply. 

You only need to use the internet to find, apply, and get hired to work at McDonald’s in a span of a few weeks, depending on how well you have done during the application. 


Here is the general process for online application that you should follow.

Where to Find Job Openings

McDonald’s has a long list of job opportunities waiting for applicants all over the world. You can find all of these amazing job openings at their official website

You can check out their Careers page where you can check out all of the job openings. 


Many of these job openings include crew members, prep personnel, store managers, team supervisors, utility personnel, and many others. There are also corporate jobs for people who wish to work in a corporate office.

Search for the Specific Job Opening

If you already have a job opening in mind, you can always search for it at the Careers Hub. Use the search function and type in the corresponding keyword to the job opening that you wish to find. 

You can also use the filter feature to narrow down your search. There is also a list of categories that you can utilize to find which category it belongs. 

Using these features, you can search for the specific job opening, review it, and then apply.

Reviewing the Job Description

While you may already have an idea of what the job involves, it is always recommended that you review the job details before you apply. 

The job description details all the necessary information regarding the role and responsibilities of the specific job opening. This is where you can find the employee benefits that you can enjoy when you get hired for the job. 

Make sure that you thoroughly review everything so that you have a clear idea of what the job is all about.

Online Application

Now that you have made your decision, it is time to apply online. You will notice that there is also an apply button when you get into the job description. 

This is the easiest way for you to apply for the job online. Fill out the online application form and make sure that you are logged into your account if the website requires you to. 

Your profile will also contain all the information that the recruitment team needs to contact you. Please review everything, including spelling errors and grammar, before you submit.

Interview and Assessment

You will receive a notification from the team about an interview schedule. Make sure that you come on time and do your best to pass the interview. 

Depending on the job you’re applying for, there might also be several rounds of assessment, so be prepared for them. 

Most interviews and assessments last for a couple of hours so be sure to allot a good amount of time for this step.

Background Check and Getting Hired

After the interview and assessments, they will then do a background check regarding your previous employment and other details. 

You will then receive another call once they have finished the background check to announce that you have been hired. 

You should receive your job offer containing your benefits, salary, and many other details. Once you sign, you can begin your work at McDonald’s.

What to Prepare When Applying for McDonald’s Jobs Online

Preparation is key to ensuring that you get hired for the job that you’re applying for. 

You will need to prepare several documents, including government-issued IDs and Social Security Numbers, as well as many others. 

These documents can be submitted during the online application or when you go into their office for the interview and assessment. 

There are also instances that they may require more documents from you depending on the role that you’re applying for.

Benefits When Working at McDonald’s

There are many reasons why people want to apply for jobs at McDonald’s. The company offers a very competitive salary, depending on your role, but what truly draws people to work there are the benefits. 

You get full employee benefits, including vacation leaves, medical insurance coverage, retirement plans, dental insurance, and many others.

How Long is the McDonald’s Application Process

The entire application process takes several days to complete.

The online application only takes about 30 minutes to complete but the interview and assessment might take a while for the applicant. 

The review that takes place after that takes several more days; hence, you should be aware of these schedules. 

You will be required to visit their recruitment office from time to time, so be advised to spare a few hours of your day for this.

Does McDonald’s Do a Drug Test?

McDonald’s doesn’t usually require a drug test, but it will still depend on the store or office where you’re applying. 

Some owners have a strict policy regarding drug tests while others may not. The company must not tolerate the use of drugs or intoxication with alcohol while at work.


Some might say that McDonald’s does not offer a substantial amount of benefits and salary to its employees, but when you do get the job, you’ll realize that this can be your opportunity to earn extra income.

It can even be a window for you to get promoted and get even more income. Go ahead and apply for McDonald’s job openings online today!